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Store Activation

Armed with a well thought-through definition of requirements and a clear understanding of the strategic platform underpinning the campaign, we are ready to start the creative process.

We operate with cross-functional, inter-dependent teams to collectively arrive at creative and workable solutions that will achieve results. Our designs deliver a solution that integrates the communication and strategic objectives of the brand. 

Will this idea allow your brand to stand out in the cluttered retail space?
  • Will it carry through the brand message from other media in an integrated way?
  • Will it influence a purchase?

Materials are evaluated for their aesthetics, functionality, cost effectiveness and appropriateness.

The industrial and engineering designers ensure that what is produced is structurally sound, stable and able to carry the merchandise or reading material for the duration of the campaign. Our aim is for harmony between the conceptual, graphic and structural considerations. A balance of form and function.

The proof of the success of the branding at retail campaign is in its implementation.

We continue to apply our attention-to-detail approach by firstly ensuring that the units are protected with the correct packaging so that they arrive safely and intact at our distribution centers in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The project manager, together with his regional team add their skills and expertise to the project. This could involve a simple re-distribution to client premises or the deployment of a national team of installers to handle roll outs in stores if required.

Shop Fittings & Point of Sale

  • Desks & Chairs
  • Various Product Display Units - free standing & mounted
  • Brochure Display Stands
  • Mobile Phone Stands
  • Counters
  • Illuminated Display Stands and Boxes
  • Various Aluminium Clip & Sliding Frames (Wall Mounted & Ceiling Suspended)