Site Surveys

Any signage program must begin with a meticulous examination of the relevant site/s. By sending a dedicated team to explore each site and to gather all of the necessary data, Greensky’s able to undertake the most comprehensive site surveys on offer in the industry covering initial brief to final installation that covers in some roll outs from day one to month eight and ensuring all the strategic, quality and Cost controls remain the core focus during these periods.

Review and Recommendation

Greensky follows a philosophy of combining research with investigation. We gather information from site surveys, architectural drawings and clients themselves or in house, and use this to develop recommendations for new or improved signage. Once more, core considerations like client’s branding objectives, budgets and the relevant authority approval play a vital role.

Installation and Maintenance

Manufacture, delivery and installation are overseen by our owner management philosophy thru a dynamic team, which also monitors suppliers to make sure that clients’ briefs and timeframes are honoured. In addition, Greensky appreciates the brand damage that can result from an out-of-commission sign, and provides maintenance services agreement to keep signage in the best condition possible.

Greensky is in the unique position of being able to dedicate an entire complement of experienced project managers, talented designers, top technical experts and first-rate consultants to a signage task. From design through development to installation, we handle everything. Among other offerings, our array of services includes:
  • Strategic planning
  • Sign design and conceptualisation
  • Budgeting to quality control
  • Site surveys
  • Review and recommendation
  • Supplier procurement
  • Technical development
  • Project implementation and management
  • Cost control
  • Local authority approval
  • Installation and maintenance

Standard Applications

  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Fleet Branding
  • Billboards
  • Building wraps
  • Textile Systems
  • Tensioning systems
  • Standard Self Adhesive Application
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