We like keeping things Simple, our Promise is our Process. We guide you through credibility, Inspire through creativity and deliver with reliability.

So we broke it down in three main components 

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Within each area there is specific things we can deliver, you may not need all of them for your program and the process does not always need to follow this strict linear process. We structure and manage each program with your unique needs and particular situation.




During the first stage we ask a lot of question and dig deep.


Analyse -


We gain a complete understanding of your unique circumstances – your organization, your company, your needs, your people, your customs, your culture and your clients. We examine your business situation, market and key competitors; conduct a full analysis of the nature and objective of the assignment. Only from a comprehensive understanding of the objectives and opportunities can we find the solutions.


Interpret –


Now we engage our creative and strategic minds to distil and interpret our understanding of your brand strategy. Then we review your customer experience to identify their specific needs versus your specific offering. This is where leaps of imagination happen that enable us to conceptualize and deliver remarkable solutions. We now have a sound strategic platform that will drive our ideas, designs and implementation.




Create, identify and apply. This is where the fun starts!!! We Love it!!


Create –


We are now in the position to design those remarkable solutions, starting with brand design. Our first step involves creating a design language that visualises your unique brand personality.


Identify –


Our process integrates brand design, site surveying and destination, scoping, products and people ensuring we discover opportunities that characterise truly great work.




The opportunities are identified and the design tools are created, we are now ready to design to various applications that will bring your brand destination to life. Unique city and location transformation includes building wraps, sculptures, giant billboards, location graphics, signage, lighting, steel structures, LED lighting etc Our Team of multi- disciplined designers get creative and our engineers make it possible.



3D Design


Lighting and Projection

Environmental Design

3D Modelling and Animation




Manufacture, manage and implement.


Manufacture -


Our first priority is to utilise as many local suppliers as possible. After taking an inventory of the local skills available, we supplement and complement the local skills with our in house print, manufacture and finishing capabilities with strategic joint ventures to supplement our network of products and services.


Manage –


Experienced and dedicated project management is the key to efficiently coordinate and deliver on programs.


Implement –


Our highly trained national and cross border teams are certified and accredited to ensure a successful implementation of your brand campaign or project. We spend valuable time understanding the country, city, market, organisations or special event we hope to work with. Our goal is to explore, recognise and identify with the local customs, needs and issues. It is our ambition to work with our clients and local communities to make a positive difference in their lives.


Training –


We recruit local adults into our training programs to take advantage of applying textbook material into immediate hands on experience. Cities, countries have the perfect backdrop to train students on our programs. World Class Branding programs allow us to challenge and push the limits on innovative thinking providing the ideal learning experience.